Update: Repairing a dead Nortel/Avaya 1100 Series IP Phone

At long last! The redesigned power supply modules for the Nortel/Avaya 1100 series phones have arrived. I ordered these in July and they finally arrived this morning! As you can see the design is drastically different. Hopefully these will last much longer than the original boards did.

As stated in the previous article, Avaya released a Product Correction Notice on the issue with the bad power supplies. After several months of e-mails and phone calls between my reseller and an Avaya account rep, the proper part number and ordering procedure was discovered and I was able to order the parts. I was told that the parts aren’t supposed to be sold directly to a customer, but rather to a reseller who is authorized to install them. I was able to get them ordered due to my blog post which adequately showed my aptitude for taking a phone apart and putting it back together. The modules ended up costing about $5 each and for the time and effort it takes to replace capacitors, it is definitely worth it. Not to mention, the design flaws of the old power supply often lead to repeat repairs.